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Jason Hallauer

Jason “Hollowpoint” Hallauer has always been a huge fan of art. Growing up he always had his hands on something trying to keep himself out of trouble. When that didn’t work for him, he found himself with extra time on his hands to focus on art. He started out with pencil and paper drawing amazingly detailed animals. Later, he wanted to try and challenge himself and found a new love for tattooing. Jason has been tattooing since he young. He finally started to make it his life after the birth of his youngest son. Originally opening Inkwell Tattoo in Sioux Falls with a friend, it unfortunately ended quickly. After learning a hard lesson and wanting to climb his way back to the top, Apex Ink was born. Jason has a love for black and grey realism. When Jason’s not tattooing, you can find him hanging out at his house with family doing airbrush work, wood-burning, painting, and playing with his dogs. 

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Hi, everyone! My name is Dan. I’ve been tattooing for a few years now. I got into tattooing in 2015. I started my apprenticeship that year and never looked back. I absolutely love the bright colors and bold lines of traditional tattoos. I love the art of tattoo legends like Ed Hardy and Sailor Jerry. I enjoy taking some of their old school designs and modernizing them a bit. I also love creating my own original designs. When I’m not at the shop, you’ll typically find me at home, doing something artistic and tattoo related. Most of my free time is spent drawing on my iPad, creating watt color paintings, making tattoo foot pedals out of rat traps, or just studying the art and history of tattooing. I find my inspiration in everyday things; video games, movies, and even conversations with friends. My advice to anyone getting their first tattoo is to find an artist you can talk to and trust and do just that. We love having feedback from our clients. We also all do our tattoos a little differently, even when we’re working in the same style. The best tattoo you can get from an artist is the one that they love doing.


Born and raised in Sioux Falls South Dakota Presley Bott Has always had a love for art, while attending Washington High School she studied in an advanced studio art class which is when art became her passion. After graduating with an associates and a bachelor degree in graphic design
from an art school in Omaha Nebraska Presley moved back to Sioux Falls and in 2015 found her place as an apprentice. Presley specializes in black and gray floral stippling. When she is working on custom art pieces she enjoys riding and racing dirt bikes ,water sports , including jet skis boats any kayaking. She love to travel to tropical destinations in the wintertime. My advice to someone who is looking to get their first tattoo? Eat food and be ready to be addicted to them.


I got into tattooing because I’ve always loved art and drawing. One day I was given the opportunity and ran with it. I pull my inspiration from many different artist and styles. Black and grey realism is my favorite tattooing style, but I like to stay versatile as possible. Black and grey may be my favorite but I love to play with color! Outside of tattooing I love anything to do with art, I love creating and working with different materials. I love wood, burning it or building with it! I also enjoy just spending time outdoors! My advice to someone getting a tattoo is to not let your nerves get to you. It’s your body and your choice, and the pain is temporary. My favorite color is black like my soul.


I was always into art and and at a young age and I always thought tattooing was so cool. Growing up everyone I knew either had tattoos or were tattoo artist. I knew eventually it’s what I wanted to do with my art. An artist that always inspired me was Mi James, now some of my main influencers are Jroo Winquist, Angel Fergerstrom and Ryan Severe. My favorite tattooing style is Black and gray, either realism or neo traditional. Outside of tattooing my interests are music and photography. My advice to anyone looking to get their first tattoo is to start small. Make sure that it is something meaningful to you! My favorite color is Orange; it’s the color of you saral chakra which plays a part in your stimulation for creativity and emotion

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