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Why Apex Ink?

Because we are one of the best tattoo shops in Sioux Falls Apex Ink! We like to have fun giving people kick-ass tattoos! With our award winning tattoo artists we are confident we can make your tattoo idea into a work of art. We understand that ink is permanent and that is why we expect attention to detail and expertise out of each of our artists.

We want to give our repeat clients a way to save money and come in and see us more often! If you are planning on doing some bigger pieces, or always have the itch for more ink check out our Apex Ink Membership and see how you can save!


  • 10% off of hourly tattoo rate
  • 10% off of Apex Ink gear     
  • Price = $35 every 3 months


  • 15% off of hourly tattoo rate
  • 15% off of Apex Ink gear     
  • Price = $55 every 3 months


  • 20% off of hourly tattoo rate
  • 20% off of Apex Ink gear      
  • Price = $75 every 3 months 

Our Artists

Each of our talented tattoo artists bring their own skills, style, and experience to Apex Ink. Finding the right tattoo artist that understands you and the vision of what you want done is extremely important! Tattoos are personal and permanent!

We don’t just want to give you one tattoo, but we build lifelong relationships with our clients! If you want to work with the best tattoo artists in Sioux Falls, SD then you are in the right place!


Do you have questions or want to speak to one of our tattoo artists? Give us a call! We are always happy to answer any questions that you may have!

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